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About Us
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ABN’s Key Personnel

ABN Africa:
Duncan Irvine Chief Operating Officer
Qondisa Ngwenya Director of Strategy
Thorsten Stamer Director of Sales
Rachel Lasebikan Director of Corporate Relations
Alexandra Antunes Lusophone Africa Broadcaster Relations
Christophe Lihua Bongozonga Francophone Africa Broadcaster Relations
Guy Murray-Bruce Strategic Partner for Nigeria & Rest of West Africa

International Partners:
Mike Schlagman Programme Acquisitions Consultant
Mike Gull Sales Consultant
Kahlil Byrd Africa Learning Channel Consultant

ABN Sales Network

Thorsten Stamer   Thorsten Stamer
Sales Director

Thorsten Stamer is ABNís Sales Director for Africa and the Managing Director of ABN Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd. He is responsible for the sales of commercial television airtime across sub-Saharan Africa. Thorsten, a chartered accountant by training, has 17 years of sales experience in the African TV broadcast industry and has been involved in the packaging and selling of airtime around major events including: Gillette World sports, Africa Cup of Nations, Beijing Olympics, and 46664 Nelson Mandela Concert.
Mike Gull   Mike Gull
International Sales Consultant

Mike Gull has over 20 years’ experience in the UK television advertising market, having worked as Sales Controller of ITV breakfast contractor GMTV and his own company Media Icon. Mike is responsible for managing approaches and commitments to targeted international advertisers on behalf of ABN.
Rachel Lasebikan   Rachel Lasebikan
Corporate Relations Director

Rachel Lasebikan is responsible for the overall management of ABN’s corporate relations. Rachel’s specific focus in Africa is oversight of broadcaster relations in Anglophone Africa and the development of the company’s social enterprise projects. Rachel holds a Masters Degree in Design Studies and has spent the last seven years working with Africa.
Alexandra Antunes   Alexandra Antunes
Broadcaster Relations Director, Lusophone Africa

Alexandra Antunes is responsible for broadcaster relations in Lusophone Africa. Alexandra has a professional background in commercial law and has extensive knowledge of Southern Africa’s television airtime sales environment. Based in Maputo, Mozambique, she gained her experience at Television Mozambique as the Channel’s Sales and Commercial Director.
Christophe Lihue Bongozonga   Christophe Lihue Bongozonga
Francophone Africa Broadcaster Relations

Christophe Bongozonga is responsible for broadcaster relations in Francophone Africa. A Chemical Engineer by profession, Christophe has been involved in Africa’s television industry on a continental basis as a presenter, sports analyst, producer and content developer since 1997. Christophe, originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo has resided in South Africa for the past 20 years.
Guy Murray Bruce   Guy Murray-Bruce
Strategic Partner for Nigeria and West Africa

Guy Murray Bruce, ABN’s partner in Nigeria, is President of Silverbird Entertainment (a subsidiary of the Silverbird Group). He is is leading executive within Nigeria’s commercial free-to-air television broadcasting industry. Through a carefully controlled process of growth, ABN's partnering relationship with the Silverbird Group is poised to create a television powerhouse for the West African region. His aim is to expand ABN’s audience reach within the region to 300 million viewers by 2012.

ABN Content Partners

Mike Schlagman   Mike Schlagman
Programme Acquisitions Consultant

Mike Schlagman specializes in the procurement of high quality programming libraries for distribution in emerging markets through Programs-4-Media Ltd. (and Programs4Africa Ltd.) the London-based company which he founded in 2002. In addition to programming, Mike has very wide experience in media sales and consultancy, having been a pioneer in the UK commercial radio industry. A high profile assignment promoting Direct Mail for the UK Post Office led to a long spell in international television, initially with ITV’s Super Channel and then with his own independent media sales organisations, New Media Sales and, latterly, Katz International.

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